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Our Partners

Cultural Institution subcommittee members represent cultural organizations who pledge to encourage their members and the communities they serve to participate in the 2010 Census count.

Indiana Arts Commission

On behalf of the people of Indiana, the Indiana Arts Commission advocates engagement with the arts to enrich the quality of individual and community life. The Arts Commission encourages the presence of the arts in communities of all sizes while promoting artistic quality and expression. The Arts Commission advocates arts development opportunities across the state, and stewards effective use of public and private resources for the arts. It stimulates public interest in, and participation with, Indiana’s diverse arts resources and cultural heritage. The Arts Commission works to enhance public awareness of the arts, life-long learning opportunities, and arts education programs.

Indiana Capitol Tour Office

Indiana’s State House, a building of outstanding architectural beauty, has served as a center of civic life in Indiana since 1888.  Plan your visit, read about the history of the building, or schedule a tour.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology

The Indiana Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology promotes the conservation of Indiana’s cultural resources through public education efforts, financial incentives including several grant and tax credit programs, and the administration of state and federally mandated legislation.

Indiana Historical Bureau

The Indiana Historical Bureau provides publications, programs, and other opportunities for Indiana citizens of all ages to learn and teach about the history of their communities, the state of Indiana, and their relationships to the nation and the world. The Indiana Historical Bureau also administers the Indiana Historical Marker Program.

Indiana State Library

The Indiana State Library was established in 1825 to provide library services to Indiana’s state governmental officials and employees. Since that time, the responsibilities of the State Library have expanded to provide services to all citizens of Indiana.  Just as the Library of Congress serves as the historical repository for our nation, the State Library is responsible for collecting and preserving all types of information and data about the state of Indiana.   Everyone is welcome to visit the State Library!

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum’s vision is to be a vibrant, thriving destination, financially and organizationally strong enough to take creative risks, where diverse sets of people seek to satisfy their curiosity about what has happened in Indiana, what is happening now and what still may happen. It is a place where you come to celebrate, investigate, remember, learn and take pride in Indiana’s story in the context of the broader world.

Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir is dedicated to excellence in the performance of choral music, to creating and performing new choral masterworks, and to community outreach and education.

President Benjamin Harrison Home

The President Benjamin Harrison Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the President Benjamin Harrison Home as a museum and memorial to the only President of the United States elected from the State of Indiana. Open to the public as an educational and historical service, the Home seeks to promote patriotism and citizenship through appropriate educational activities and by artfully exhibiting the Victorian time period as Harrison and his family might have experienced it.

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