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10/22 Meeting Update

October 26, 2009

In attendance at this month’s meeting was Pam Bennett from the Indiana Historical Bureau, Laura Frank from the Indiana Arts Commission, Jennifer Hodge from the  Capitol Tour Office, Sara Meier from the Indiana State Museum, and Elizabeth Schoettle, Katie Springer, and Virginia Vought from the Indiana State Library.  We welcomed one new member: Roger Hardig from the President Benjamin Harrison Home.

9-28 Meeting Update

Subcommittee members reported on their work promoting the Census.  The Indiana State Museum website will soon display the Census logo.  They have submitted a CCC Support Grant application for promotional materials.  Finally, their IMAX theater will display a slide with information about the Census before all IMAX shows – a contribution that typically costs $500 per month.  Great work!  Once it’s finished, Sara will work to get a copy of the slide in the hopes that it could be displayed in other movie theaters throughout the state.

The State Library is looking into developing a webpage billboard using an image from the Indiana Census site.  If she’s successful, she’ll share it with other state agencies interested in using it.  Katie reported that a Census Day celebration is being planned at the Library that will incorporate the theme of “It’s In Our Hands.”

We are still working to create new opportunities and find more partners.  Laura will be contacting the Film Commission.  Pat will talk with the State Fairgrounds.  Elizabeth will check with the Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs to see if they will be involved in the Indianapolis International Festival.

The Census banner is available to borrow for your event.  It is an attractive, free-standing vertical poster.  Contact Carol Graham at the Indiana State Library to book:

It was announced that our next meeting will be held Tuesday, December 1st at 2PM in Roberta Brooker’s office (Room 407) at the Indiana State Library.  We will continue to look in our networks for subcommittee partners, work on our low-hanging fruit, and begin to plan our actual promotion work at the upcoming events we’ve identified.


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