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Talking Points

September 17, 2009

Census Talking Points for cultural institutions are now available for download!  This is an awesome resource for your information or to print and distribute.

Below are the cultural-institution-specific highlights and tips on how to spread the word.  Click the link above for talking points about the Census in general, such as a breakdown of the Census process.

How does the Census impact cultural institutions?

  • The 10-year Census count is the underpinning of many critical indicators that are important to cultural institutions, including the total size of potential markets and audiences.
  • Per capita income and other economic information is used to determine private fundraising opportunities.
  • Cultural institutions use Census-derived demographic information when applying for federal and private-sector grants.


How can cultural institutions help spread the word?

Begin planning and organizing now so that your boards, members, patrons and employees are ready to help promote the Census in February and March 2010.

Employee Communication

  • Use the speaking points on the front of this flyer to create:
    • An article about the Census for publication in employee communications and on your organization’s intranet and internet sites.
    • Posters or flyers highlighting the Census to hang on employee and public bulletin boards.

Member and Patron Communication

  • Create a Census display for your lobby or public space.
  • Include the Census information on the front of this flyer in event programs.
  • Add a link from your Web site to
  • Mention the importance of the Census in your direct mail communication.

Community Outreach

  • Participate on your local community’s Complete Count Committee.
  • Request that your organization be listed as a Census partner on the Web site.
  • Present information about the importance of the Census at local association events and philanthropic meetings (including Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.)
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Census in your community
  • Sponsor Census-related events in your community.
  • In March 2010: Use exterior signage to encourage everyone to complete the Census form.
  • On April 1, 2010: Use exterior signage to announce National Census Day

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