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Low Hanging Fruit

August 25, 2009

We received the following list at our last subcommittee meeting of quick & easy ways to promote the Census.Picture1

Low Hanging Fruit:  A short “to-do” list for committees and members

1. Alert your networks to the upcoming Census in April.  Feel free to attach Governor Daniels’ letter if deemed appropriate.  Direct people to Indiana’s Census website:

2. Alert your staff to the upcoming Census and your agency or organization’s support of the Census and ask them to mention it at appropatie meetinsg or in appropriate settings.

3. Post the census message on your website and encourage others in your networks to do the same, and either link to the Census in Indiana site or the Census Bureau’s 2010 site or both.

4. Insert the Census 2010 logo in your e-newsletters or print newsletters or communications.

5. Consider having Census material, a poster session, or a meeting session on the Census at events sponsored or held by your agency.

6. Keep your eyes out for other organizations’ events at which census material or a speaker or session would be useful.

7. Consider any and all mailings (e-mail or snail mail_ as an opportunity to insert the census message.

8. Document your actions – we are building “critical mass.”  Also, we want to let the Governor and the CEnsus Bureau know we are on the job.

9. Email signatures can be useful – here is an example:

Census Day is April 1, 2010.  Be counted!  For more information:

10. Keep your list going!


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